Ongoing Content Management

Keep your website gorgeous and relevant to search engines with our maintenance packages

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to keep your information fresh and your content relevant to search engines. It’s also a great way to tell your story and connect with your customers.

We offer monthly, quarterly and seasonal maintenance packages. These packages can include, posting your blog posts, making minor site changes and refreshing the pictures on your site.

How Can a Maintenance Package Benefit my Business?

Get your story out and connect with customers

What makes you different from every other business in your field? Use your blog to tell your unique story and what sets you apart from everyone else. Your customers will get to know your personality and better connect with your brand.

It keeps the content on your website fresh and relevant

Did you ever go to a restaurant and realize that it is way cooler than their website made it seem? That their web page is out of date and  could keep clients from visiting.  Our packages cover minor changes to products and services so that your website is accurate and up to date.

Photography Packages

Photography is also offered on an ongoing basis. This is especially helpful for businesses that add products or services, staff, or to make your website seasonally appropriate. There’s nothing more unique than having the pictures of your business reflect the current season.

How It Works

Choose a Frequency

We recommend a monthly package, but we are flexible and can do quarterly or seasonally as well. Our packages come with a set number of hours a month and can be upgraded if you are finding that you are using more than your hours each month.

Write Blogs and Send us Updated Content

Send us blogs as you write them, so we can get the content updated. We recommend a weekly blog for the best search engine visibility.

Photography Sessions

We also offer photography packages to help update your website and to use on your social media. Suzanne comes to your business for an hour or two and takes pictures of any products and general pictures of your business. You then get the gallery of photos to use for your monthly blogging, Instagram or other social media.

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