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Update your website to attract more customers

When was the Last Time you Updated your Website?

If the answer is, “When Friends was still in first run episodes” then it might be time for a redesign. If it was more recently, ask yourself, “If a new customer found our website, would everything on there be accurate? Is there new stuff people should know about us?”

We can help you take a look at your website and redesign or refresh it to bring it current and up to date.

Why Choose Freeman Web Designs?

We are a small business

Since we are a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to spend money on the right things, especially when getting your business established. We can help you tailor a website to fit your budget.

We are the Wonder Twins of web designs

We work like two halves of a brain. Scott is the left-brained logical side that makes everything work and Suzanne is the right-brained creative side that helps you imagine your dream and make your website pretty. Together, we are a great team.

We use photos of your business

The thing that will really help set you apart from other businesses is that we will take professional photos of your business for your website. You won’t have to use generic photos. A professional headshot is included in this as well! People love to see who you are and what you represent.

We provide ongoing maintenance and photography

Since keeping your website content and pictures fresh is an important part to being found by search engines, we offer monthly and seasonal maintenance plans to help you post blogs, change content and refresh pictures. We also offer monthly social media picture sessions where we come out and take photos for you to use all month on your social media profiles.

How It Works

Schedule a Free Consultation

Whether you prefer over the phone or in-person, we’ll spend some time chatting with you about your vision for your website.

Choose a Refresh or a Redesign

If you only need a few elements updated and some new pictures, we can do a refresh for you. If you really would like the entire site redesigned to be more current with more updated features, we can redesign it for you.

Website Development

Once you pick a basic design or have decided what needs to be refreshed and  we’ve received the initial deposit, we’ll get started on making the perfect website for you.

Photography Session

The last step is to schedule your photography session so that personalized photos of your business can be added to your website.

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