While trying to design my own website, I realized that I’d need pictures of computers and computer screens to fill in my design. I found a lot of photos of laptops with a potted succulent and a notepad next to it. They were always placed on light colored desks with a sunny window somewhere near it. Besides not being a picture that I took, it didn’t really represent my brand or who I was as a person.

My preference for work area is earth tones, rustic and a little bit hipster. Good thing that one of my favorite local coffee shops has just that aesthetic. Evermore Coffee Roasters in Burlington City, NJ not only has amazing coffee but awesome owners that let me take pictures for my website in their shop.

Once I came home and edited and uploaded the pictures to my website, I was blown away! What a difference it made. Even though they were in the style of stock photos, they were anything but stock and better represented my company’s style.

I also have enough pictures to post on social media for the next few weeks as well. Taking the time to take my own pictures was well worth it.

If you need photography for your website, let me know. I want you to be as excited as I am right now.